Santa Drive – Dec 11th 2020

Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas!!

In an effort to bring Christmas cheer to the neighborhood, we will be having a socially distant safe event for the whole family!

Santa will be driving through MCR on Friday, Dec 11th starting at 6pm Someone will post on facebook to Santa’s whereabouts so you can time his coming. Santa will be traveling with some of his elves who have a sweet treat for the kids. Hope to see you there.


Roughly leaving Amenity center at 6pm and making our way from Paloma Blanca, to Horsetrap, to Striper, , Paddle Fish, Tilapia to Texas Shiner, Shad to Perch, Texas Shiner to Sunrise Lake, around to Diamond Valley, to Board Bay, then to Tuxberry, around to Fallen Leaf and then up Bow Lake trail. easy route from Crystal lake to Gibbons Creek, huffines to Taylorsville, and around back to Westgate and Lamb Creek.

Not Every street is being done due to time and vehicle issues, please goto the nearest point to you to see Santa.

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