Playground Open with Improvements

Its been a really exciting first quarter here at Marine Creek Ranch. We had an insane winter storm, followed by a crazy thunder storm. These two events cause a lot of damage at the amenity center. The men’s bathrooms are being totally gutted in order to fix many issues with plumbing and electrical. These repairs will be completed soon. Another post and email will go out as soon as these repairs are done (all of which are covered by insurance). However, the good news, is the downtime allowed for an improvement. The playground is now surrounded by a wrought iron fence with a gate (but please watch your children , as some kids are very crafty and determined). The playground can be accessible by the back-gate,  even when the pool is closed (due to covid or emergency cleaning, amenity center hours of 9am – 9pm still apply)

When repairs are done, the pool will be open without covid restrictions! (this may change at anytime depending on state and local health departments)

Playground Upgrades

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